By Request, ‘Joy to the World’ (Plus Prayer Request)

Thank you, Phoebe, for being the first to request a Christmas song: Joy to the World. I don’t know who this is, performing it, but it’s beautiful, just beautiful.

Please, everybody, join in prayer for a moment.

O Lord Our God, please bless this year’s Christmas season with power to draw this troubled world to Jesus Christ her rightful king and only Savior. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Update: The hospital just called with news that Aunt Joan’s fever has gone away and her condition is now stable. Thank you all for your prayers on her behalf. She can’t talk anymore, but I’ll be sure to tell her that she’s got a lot of good people praying for her.

5 comments on “By Request, ‘Joy to the World’ (Plus Prayer Request)

  1. Thank you Phoebe. Great rendition!

    And, Lee, this is wonderful news about your Aunt Joan. Praise God!

  2. Praise you, our Lord, for your gracious answers to our prayers. You are
    so good to us, and thank you Lee for the update.

  3. Thank you for this beautiful version of the song. And I join in thanksgiving for the good news about your Aunt Joan.

    On a slightly less joyful note — and I apologize for breaking the festive mood — may I ask for prayers for my cat Iggy again? He’s having another bout of illness like the one he had a few months ago, but this time it’s lasting much longer. He hasn’t eaten since Thursday (today is Sunday). Tomorrow I’m going to try to get him in to see the vet. Meanwhile, I’ve had a killer cold myself, but thank goodness it’s letting up a bit. No fever today. Yay. (That’s a “yay” without an exclamation point, but every “yay” is a good “yay,” right?)

    Bless you all. I always feel lifted in your prayers — even if they aren’t specifically for me.

  4. The Christmas season is so beautiful and rich in meaning. By means of the Internet it can now be shared worldwide. No other religious faith comes close to the beauty of Christianity. May many souls be drawn to our Lord Jesus this year. And thanksgiving to Aunt Joan’s doing better. I pray the same for Phoebe and her buddy Iggy.

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