Prayer Request: Phoebe

Dear Lord, our sister Phoebe’s cat is ill again and we ask you, in Jesus’ name, to spare the little fellow. You know how we love our pets, Father: otherwise you wouldn’t have given them to us. Please, Lord, grant Phoebe’s friend Iggy a swift recovery: in Jesus’ name, amen.

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  1. Amen! Father, we know You love these little ones You have given us for our joy. Bring Iggy through this illness, and bring healing to our sister, Phoebe. In Jesus’ Precious Name we ask. Amen

  2. Dear Father, I ask in Jesus’ name that this dear little creature be healed
    completely as a blessing for Phoebe and a gracious display or your compassion and your never failing power. Amen

  3. Thank you, everyone. I’ll call the vet this morning (Monday) as soon as her office opens. Iggy tried to eat a little bit a few minutes ago, but he couldn’t seem to be able to get the food into his mouth — just licked it around for a while. But at least he didn’t just look at it and turn away, the way he’s been doing for the past few days.

    I’ve thrown out more food in the past four days than he usually eats in a week and a half. My poor boy…. Again, thank you for your prayers.

  4. An update after our visit to the vet: Many, many tests — most of the results negative, thank the Lord. But a serious condition in his mouth that requires surgery and an extraction or two, so I have to take him back tomorrow. We won’t know the extent of the problem until the surgery itself, so please keep praying.

    1. You and Iggy will remain in our prayers, Phoebe. It’s not an easy thing when our little ones are ill. They can’t explain it to us and we can’t explain it to them either.

    2. I remember when our cat Buster had to have tooth pulled, necessitating and overnight at the vet’s. His sister, Missie, at all other times Daddy’s little girl, first was mad at me for coming home without her brother. When I brought him home the next day, still a bit off-color from the anesthetic and probably full of weird smells, she was mad at me from bringing in this strange creature and trying to palm it off on her as Buster.

      He stayed woozy for a while, until one morning I said to him, “Waddya say, Buster? How about you and me go up to the bathroom and pee?” His ears perked up and suddenly he was his old self again, just like that. And by the way, he always perfectly understood anything I said to him. And Missie got back to normal, too.

      More prayers coming up.

    3. Our Blackie bunny stopped eating once and it turned out to be an infected tooth. After surgery we had to cut back on the alfalfa (Timothy hay is better for bunnies). Continued prayers for Iggy and his owner.

  5. Here’s the latest update, as I posted it on another thread:
    Iggy had his surgery today, and he’s actually taken something to eat tonight — and asked for more! But he had to have extensive oral surgery, and the vet has sent some suspicious tissue out for a biopsy. I won’t know the results of the biopsy for 5 or 6 days, but thank goodness — no, thank God, Who is all Goodness — Iggy is home and seems to be recovering from his ordeal. I do love him so dearly.

    Thank you all for your prayers. I truly feel uplifted and comforted by them.

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