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It’s getting to be kind of hard to respect people who send their kids to college: ’cause if you loved your kids, you wouldn’t want to subject them to abuse. And if you weren’t a downright ninnie, you wouldn’t be paying anyone an arm and a leg to do it.

At San Diego State they’ve got a, um, “workshop” which they call “Journey to a Shared Humanity” which is supposed to provide students with “intense… disturbing sensory experiences” to teach them not to be “oppressive” ( Actually, it sounds rather like a damned good thrashing.

What they do is walk students through a dark space and make them watch “a series of theatrical vignettes acted out by campus leaders.” These are like, real subtle. The ICE agent tearing the mother out of the arms of her weeping children. It’s supposed to be voluntary, but some students have been forced to attend.

It’s sort of the same old junk you see in silent movies from a hundred years ago, with the villain twirling his mustache as he ties Little Nell to the railroad tracks. The whole point of the exercise is to make students feel just terrible that they live in no-good stinkin’ rotten America that does nothing all day long but oppress its poor minorities, boo-hoo blah-blah.

Morons! You don’t live in an oppressive country–you live in America! People come flooding into this country, often illegally… and why do you suppose they do that? Because they want to be oppressed? Because it’s so terrible here, and they’re all masochists?

I think if I were dictator, I would find an enemy country that really has it in for us and ship them all our college professors and administrators. I would lumber them with our education system and defy them to survive and prosper. And I’ll bet they couldn’t!

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  1. Some time back, I came to a conclusion which seems obvious in retrospect: People believe that which they choose to believe. If it validates some internal sense, then believing the US to be an oppressive state is what they will choose to believe.

    This is the mentality of all cults (which encompasses much more than merely religious groups). Offer a belief system which someone finds validating and adherents will gather of their own accord. The colleges are offering a belief system which denigrates the US. Conspiracy theorists offer a belief system which validates the feelings of another element of society. If you have a neighbor that belongs to an unusual religion, you can be assured that something in that religion validates that neighbor’s internal beliefs.

    Satan implanted doubt in Eve’s mind, then offered validation by promising that they would become like God, knowing good and bad for themselves. It was deception, but it played upon something in Eve, the doubt that Satan had implanted.

    The common element of all this is lack of truth. What is true, what is absolutely certain doesn’t require belief, only knowledge. The difference is vast, but not perceived by many people.

    1. Here’s something I don’t understand. Let’s say they’re 100% sincere in their belief that the United States is evil and oppressive. Why, then, do they stay here? Do they expect someday to take over and run the country themselves, according to their absurd and indefensible beliefs?

    2. That’s my question Lee. What is this perfect country of theirs? And why are they not living there? If I loathed this country as much as they do, I would save every cent I had, and sacrificed until I could relocate. Anything less would be hypocritical.

  2. If one’s goal in life is to become a moron, just continue on in public education, and top it off with a good dose of collidge. Idiots!

  3. Good point: if America is so bad why are people from all over the world wanting to come here. And if these collige students want to stay so they can change America, why do they choose China, USSR, and Cuba for their blueprint? How about choosing the Kingdom of God and be a true radical.

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