Where ‘Diversity’ Means Conformity

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And where is that? You guessed it–college!

I draw your attention to a townhall.com column by Jack Kerwin today, “Groupthink in Academia: the Will to Submit.”


In it, he cites a study that found, within America’s colleges and universities, a near-perfect degree of ideological and political conformity–“groupthink” in spades. Which comes as no surprise at all. Anyway, give it a read. The facts and figures are eye-popping.

Does anybody still not know, or at least suspect, that the general effect of public education, if not its explicit purpose, is to breed conformity? And that the higher up the education ladder you go, the more conformity you find? And the more lip-service paid to a totally nonexistent “diversity.”

The thing that must be done, and the sooner, the better, is to cut off public funding of the universities. Mr. Kerwick thinks it’s the public funding, most of it provided by leftid politicians, that accounts for the near-total lack of independent thinking among academics.

Given that virtually everybody goes to college nowadays, to be “taught” by these idiots, mis-education is a ticking bomb that will someday blow up on America. What are we supposed to do with millions of young, ignorant, angry, incompetent, unemployable college graduates? It’s gonna be a big, big societal and economic problem.

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  1. There are all for diversity unless it includes Christians, Conservatives, and anyone else who disagrees with their worldview. Their idea of diversity is to have an equal amount of race, gender, sexual identity, etc. It’s a Marxist concept of dividing people into classes, which is not good for society and doesn’t create harmony. It’s far better to focus on our commonalities than our differences.

  2. Their thinking is so convoluted. They rail against a country that affords them all those rights, espousing instead the ideology of countries that wouldn’t dream of giving its citizens rights. Incomprehensible.

  3. “Liberal” Arts – where they can get “BS” degrees in irrelevancy 101:

    Basket Weaving for Basket Cases 101
    How to Turn Your Parents’ Basement into a Home Forever 101
    Stockholm Syndrome is a Good Thing 101
    How to Blame Others Without Guilt 101
    The State is Your Friend and They’re Here to Help 101

    (PS: I could use some help here 101)

    1. Safe spaces for wastes of spaces 101
      Social Justice for dummies 101
      How to turn victimology into a career 101
      How to waste your parent’s money and mooch off the government 101

      I could do this all day 😀

    2. How to sponge off the system, add nothing of value to society and still complain about how unfair it all is. Lot’s of PHDs with that course on their scholastic record.

  4. Milton Friedman called for the de-funding of universities years ago. In “Freedom To Choose” he tells how the American universities went for Socialism in the 1920’s – almost a century ago.

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