They’re Gonna Need a Bigger Hell

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Do you call this child abuse? I do.

British pop star “Pink”–never heard of her, and I wish I could still say that–“reveals her daughter wants to marry an African woman–and she’s delighted about it,” crows the Mirror headline (

The daughter is all of six years old. This is what her so-called mother has taught her. She’s also taught the child to abuse Donald Trump. People would have thought my mother very queer indeed if she taught me, in 1955, to abuse British Prime Minister Anthony Eden. “Pink” gets applauded for it.

“Pink” thinks of herself as a boy, says the Mirror. “Pink” is also a lifelong drug user.

For her to have custody of a child is monstrous.

But that’s our culture, folks–and Britain is always a few steps ahead of us in the race to the bottom.

Hell is going to have to be expanded to accommodate this current age.

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  1. I’m not surprised, she gave a little speech at some awards ceremony not long ago where she gave a subtle nod to gender fluidity. The Left wants to destroy all concepts of morality, traditional marriage, and gender. What, then, will be left? It’s moral and social anarchy with a predictable outcome.

  2. At the very least, she should not be allowed to maintain custody of this poor, unfortunate child. Child abuse? YOU BET.

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