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  1. I don’t much about dowsing and just as little about quantum physics. But what I do know is our understanding of reality is extremely limited. In the quantum world, what is impossible for us is suddenly possible. We think that our finite intellect, measly five senses, and small perceptions make us the final authority on the nature of reality and what is, or is not, possible. That is the very definition of egotistical.

    1. I’ve actually done some utility locating and have always used electronic methods. The basic idea was to hook up to a pipe, wire or whatever with a signal which could be detected by a device which could detect it. For power cables, just the sound of the AC flowing was usually more than enough, but for telephone and water pipes some sort of signal fed onto the wire was needed. (Cable TV has its own, somewhat nauseating sound.)

      Anyhow, a lot of the old pros carried dowsing sticks. I never did, and wasn’t about to, but a lot of guys believed in them. As the blog stated, scientifically it has been debunked. But that’s not the end of the story.

      I got to where I knew where the wires were and could have marked most of the jobs without any tools. Why? Because after a while you learn the logic of how things are laid out and proceed accordingly. By the time I had been locating (as a small part of my job) for one year, I could drive up to a site, verify the layout with the equipment and mark it in a matter of minutes. For safety’s sake I always verified, but I usually knew what to expect before I even got out of the truck.

      There’s no way I can prove it, but I wonder if dowsing rods are a prop for the emotions and what is really happening is that an experienced utility locator is falling themselves with a bit of ideometer involved.

    2. My point was that the very presence of the dowsing rods is enough to make know-it-alls go bats, and that’s fun to watch. It doesn’t mean I believe in dowsing. I doubt I spare a thought for it all year.

    3. I follow you. Honestly, I don’t much care. If utilities, especially water utilities want to use this, it’s no skin off my nose.

    4. I know a geologist who goes positively crazy at any mention of dowsing.
      Ah, well, let’s be fair. I feel the same way when I hear people gassing about “white privilege” or “marriage equality.” To me it’s inconceivable that any sane person of normal intelligence can believe in such things.

    5. IMO, it’s the same thing. Both are belief systems and when you challenge a belief system, be prepared for sparks to fly. That’s why it’s so important to believe in the One True God, it keeps us from accepting false belief systems.

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