‘Gloria in Excelsis Deo’ (St. Saens)

This gorgeous hymn, composed by St. Saens, sung here by Libera, is good for any time of the year. It’s like a clean wind from God, a mighty wind that blows away the darkness and the dirt. Turn up the volume!

As a sidelight, it was the basis for the theme music in the movie, Babe (the one about the pig)…  which, oddly enough, is the second time this week that Babe has come up in relation to Christmas.

7 comments on “‘Gloria in Excelsis Deo’ (St. Saens)

    1. I’m glad it worked. Getting a glimpse of the early church left me without words.

    2. And even the oldest known church, these days, is not safe from desecration and disrespect.
      When He comes again, there’s going to be a mighty big clean-up.

  1. I had to hold on to the paperwork on my desktop while listing to St. Saens – a truly clean mighty wind of purity.
    One of the top selling CDs right now is by the Dominican Sisters of Mary called “Jesu, joy of Man’s Desiring: Cristmas with the Dominican sisters.” I saw them perform on TV and they are quite good.

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