About the ‘Beauty Beyond Bones’ Reblog

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Beauty Beyond Bones is a blog I follow regularly: nice Catholic girl. And what she had to say yesterday is very important. It only took her one sentence to make the point clear:

“It’s time to open the door and let Christmas out.”

Bullseye! Bingo! Hit the nail on the head! So absolutely of course I reblogged it.

Before she made her point, she told a rather hair-raising story of a ghastly experience in church that must have scared her but good. That experience shows what kind of age we live in.

The rulers of the darkness of this world are doing everything they can to wipe out Christmas, or, even better from their point of view, pervert it. We mustn’t let them do it!

4 comments on “About the ‘Beauty Beyond Bones’ Reblog

  1. Her blog is cool. I would comment about how wonderfully beautiful she is but it is too scary in these j’accuse hysteria times. {:-(
    I laughed at the “green Christmas” sign in the shop window at her blog.

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