This Is My Lucky Day!

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Well, well, well! Waddaya know, I’m gonna be rich! At least, according to an email I received last night. Here, check it out.

“My dear”–promising start! She is looking for “a trusted person who can assist me… I am Miss Zenab Warlord Ibrahim Coulibaly 24 years old female…” Hoo-hah. She is the daughter of a warlord in the Ivory Coast. She says I can call her Princess Zenab for short. Her diligent search revealed that I’m the man of her dreams.

See, she’s looking for “a long-term relationship and investment assistance”–from me, of all people–and then “I will relocate to your country and settle down with you.” That could be the tricky part. But to sweeten the deal, Poppa left her $27.5 million in the bank, and once we get that transferred to my local S&L in Metuchen, it’s smooth sailin’. I wonder what it’ll be like, settling down with a warlord’s daughter. I hope she and my wife will get along. And Poppa is dead, so I won’t have to worry about having to work for a father-in-law who’s an African warlord.

Blamed if I can see any downside to this deal!

10 comments on “This Is My Lucky Day!

  1. You too? Well, the happiness just never ends. I have had all kinds of
    “well placed” men send me offers that just blow my mind. Almost makes
    me want to throw the computer out the window and forget it.

  2. According to several emails I’ve received, I am irresistible to Russian women 1/3 my age. All sorts of them want to marry me, sight unseen. I knew I was charming, but I must really have IT. 🙂

    1. I’m afraid I also get ads about hot Russian babes. Apparently, the babes don’t know that Phoebe is a woman’s name. 🙂 Or then again, nowadays, who knows? 🙁

  3. Unsolicited emails from unknown parties get auto deleted since it could be a virus.
    Also if you see any attachments in these emails delete immediately.
    I do feel kind of bad for the clueless who believe these emails and open them.

  4. I, too, treat all proposals as spam. Even if I were to have an African Warlord thrown in, I wouldn’t know it since I never open any of those types of emails. My delete button takes good care of them.

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