Where Will I Be This Morning?

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I’m hustling to get this blog started today because I have a 9:45 appointment with the eye doctor and I’m sure to be stuck there all morning, and maybe into the afternoon. When your work is piled up as high as High Olympus, there’s nothing like a few hours in a waiting room–with daytime TV!–to get the ol’ blood pressure going…

There’s one more base I want to cover, and then it’s out the door and into limbo.

2 comments on “Where Will I Be This Morning?

  1. I hope your appointment goes well and that the TV is out of order. 🙂

    I once reread the first three books of “Paradise Lost” while I was waiting to see my doctor. I also went down the hall to the cafeteria and had some lunch. But yes, the daytime TV is the worst. Fortunately, my dentist and eye doctor don’t have it, and my doctor’s waiting room is large enough (it’s actually part of a hospital) so that I can find a place where I can neither see nor hear the TV.

    My vet has a much better environment: two multilevel cages in the waiting room where she keeps cats who are up for adoption — one in each cage. Need I add that she has a high adoption rate? And that the cats provide comfort and entertainment while we wait?

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