‘Jingle Bells’ is Racist!

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Ho, ho, ho! No, I’m not making this up! A “theater historian” at Boston University says Jingle Bells is racist, and blathers about “its problematic role in the construction of blackness and whiteness in the United States” (https://fellowshipoftheminds.com/2017/12/18/boston-university-professor-claims-jingle-bells-is-racist/).

Your tuition dollars at work! With more than a few of your tax dollars thrown in. Gotta keep those intellectuals well-supplied with the amenities.

Declaring that her research found the song first performed in  blackface in 1857, Mizzz Theater Historian also objected to its “elements of male display.” She herself is white, but doesn’t look like a woman who’s very fond of men.

When thousands of people started calling her an idiot, she quickly backpedaled: “I never said it’s racist now!” So much for the courage of her convictions.

(Thanks to Linda for the new tip)

9 comments on “‘Jingle Bells’ is Racist!

  1. It’s really difficult to take these people seriously when they’re such professional idiots. Close down the universities!

    Meanwhile, here’s a little levity (does anyone else remember this?)

  2. I read this story, a real forehead-slapper. “The hits just keep on coming.” What is it about universities now? They seem to be getting Even Worse.

  3. The West seems to be a bastion of terrible ideas, ideologies, and philosophies… they have become sort of a false gospel which they follow with just as much zeal and gusto as any religion. But unlike the true gospels they don’t build up, they only serve to tear things down.

  4. Linda: That really busted me up. I remember people that talked like that in my childhood years. They were all around me.

    Watchman: It’s a religion, perhaps more correctly, an integrated belief system, where people believe that their belief system provides all the answers.

    The bible leaves us to our own judgment on most matters and only places restrictions on a few important matters of principle. There isn’t a biblical answer on what color car to buy or whether Wisconsin is a better or worse place to live than Texas. These are things we can decide as individuals. Sadly, some people try to stretch the bible into this sort of belief system, but Jesus released us from Law.

    When the secularists promote the same tired old agenda, it’s really just the same thing. They want their belief systems to be all-encompassing and to answer every question, even before it is asked. This sort of folly is doomed to fail. It already has failed.

    1. Yogi Yorgesson was a comedian who’s real name was Harry Stewart, but you’d never know it to listen to him 🙂

    2. He was racist and phobo-phobic. He was also Phobos-phobic, and was terrified at even the thought of one of Mars’ moons, but not the other. 🙂

      Just kidding. I love that kind of humor and I’m primarily of Scandinavian descent. I had relatives that talked like that.


      The engine smokes, the heater’s broke, the radio’s OK,
      Ja what fun it iss to ride in my rusty Chevrolet.

      Credit to Da Yoopers.

  5. I was listening to “White Christmas” and never realized how racist it is. The lyrics end with “and may all your Christmases be white.” How does a racist song like this even get played in our era of PC?

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