Cats in Wrong Places

Whether it’s hunkering down in the middle of your jigsaw puzzle while you’re trying to do it, or just sitting atop a slice of pizza, cats do have a knack for letting you know just how unimportant you are. But this is good: they teach us humility. Or drive us crazy, whichever comes first.

12 comments on “Cats in Wrong Places

  1. Yep, this is just like my cat- looks like him, too. He gets in the middle of everything and when I scold him, he looks at me insolently and says, “ask me if I care.”

  2. 20 minutes hunting for the cat today, calling, looking under the bed, you name it, while she watched in concealment, less than five feet away. They know what they are doing.

    1. They have ways of disappearing into another dimension and then reappearing in the middle of the floor — or in one of the places where you’ve already looked.

  3. My previous cat would call me to come and clean out his litter box after he’d used it, and if I didn’t respond quickly enough he’d pull down a lot of toilet paper on top of the box. Interestingly enough, he never did this when I wasn’t home.

  4. I liked the one where the cat had replaced the pictured photo with himself.
    I haven’t had a cat for in over 40 years (bunnies won my heart) so haven’t thought of them much until I became a committed participant in this blog. Are cats really that destructive and troublesome? My daughter has a cat but I rarely see her.

    1. The thing is that a lot of cat owners enjoy telling stories about how their cats boss them around and/or outwit them. It’s a kind of inverted brag. But then again — or should I say, “for example”? — I’ve always said that anyone who’s in a position of authority (manager, teacher, etc.) ought to have a cat, because having a cat is a good exercise in humility. You spend the whole day ordering people around and then go home to be ordered around yourself by a small ball of fur.

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