Jax Just Keeps Growing


Remember that sickly little kitten my stepdaughter adopted, not yet a year ago, who needed a rare blood transfusion to stay alive? We all prayed for him, the rare blood was discovered to be readily available, and he was fine. She named him Jax.

Here he is with his big sister Boo, a pit bull who foster-mothered him; and if he keeps growing, he’ll be as big as she is! I mean, this cat is huge! And not done growing yet, he’s not yet a year old. Just eight months, in fact.

I wonder if he’s part liger.

3 comments on “Jax Just Keeps Growing

  1. When full-grown, Jax will be some black cat to be crossing people’s paths.
    And “Happy New Year” to Lee and all the Commenters on his blog. May Christ bless us richly in 2018 as we seek His Kingdom first.

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