By Request, ‘Carol of the Bells’

“Thewhiterabbit” requested this one, and I’m glad he did. I was going to save it for tomorrow, but I feel the need of Christmas cheer, just now. Ach, the news! And on New Year’s Eve we had no heat here in our apartment, with the landlord saying it was our fault–aah, never mind. Just one of those little things that can get you down.

Well, it helps to remember what Christmas is all about–forgiveness of sins, redemption, and eternal life. We can only get those things from God… and He has taken care of it.

One comment on “By Request, ‘Carol of the Bells’”

  1. I had to play this one twice! I really enjoy it when the lyrics are given so I can sing along. This is the first time I have observed the 12 days of Christmas.
    “Throw cares away” might be a challenge when the heat in your apartment goes out and it is well below freezing 🙂

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