Oprah for President?

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Okay, I once tried to watch Oprah Winfrey’s show, and couldn’t do it. Last night she got a Lifetime Achievement Golden Globe, and now assorted noozies are trying to gin up an Oprah for President movement (https://www.nytimes.com/2018/01/08/movies/oprah-winfrey-lifetime-achievement-golden-globes.html). After years of spectacular success as America’s No. 1 sob sister, they want Oprah for their president.

Well, why not? Who else have they got? The Democrat lineup is a parade of tired soft-core commies and Swamp creatures. Even I have to admit that Oprah is not part of the Swamp, has not made a shambles of any public office, has not damaged the country by signing any legislation, and managed to make herself a billionaire without the aid of lobbyists.  She is infinitely more qualified to lead the country than Kerry, Gore, Obama, or Hillary ever were. Donald Trump ran over a whole mule team of Establishment candidates to win the GOP primary in 2016. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Oprah administer a similar trouncing to a passel of Democrats.

No, I wouldn’t vote for her. As a Democrat, she would surely pursue policies that can only do us harm. It will be a good day for America when the Democrat Party ceases to exist. But meanwhile they’re going to want a presidential candidate for 2020. Oprah is a wild card in the deck–and it just might trump Trump.

I pray with all my heart that Democrats never again take power in my country. Never, ever again.

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  1. The first time I saw Oprah, and I’ve never been able to stomach watching her entire show either, I wondered who the hell died and left her in charge. Actually, I know the answer; she’s perceived as important because she’s on TV, just like Matt Lauer and Hoda What’s-her-face. Who cares? I certainly don’t. If Tv ceased to exist tomorrow I’d hardly notice its passing. The main thing I’d notice is that I wouldn’t be competing with it every time I spoke to someone on the phone. If TV can make you important, I guess it can make you president too. What a fiasco!

    1. Even Oprah has got to have a better handle on things than some putz like, say, Bernie Sanders, who has spent his whole adult life in government and never had to live in the real world. And Oprah scares me.

  2. As much as it pains me to say this, I think Oprah would actually have a chance. IMO the bar keeps lowering every election cycle. People no longer vote on merit, policies, or substance, they vote on how they feel. It has become a popularity contest. And of course, she would be the first black women, because you know that’s all that matters nowadays. We are reduced to our skin color, gender, and “orientation”. It’s Marxism 101. Sooner or later the pendulum will swing back to the Democrats, it always does. It wouldn’t be so bad if the leaders of the Democrat party were not all radical Leftists. Kenndy would feel like a stranger in the modern Democratic party.

    1. We can’t get rid of leftism, because it is the natural product of Original Sin and human folly. But I pray we can put its political organization out of business. The pendulum never did swing back for the Whig Party. I pray the same will happen to the Democrat Party.

      Yes, I know, the Republican Party is not The Answer. Living by God’s Word is. But at least the GOP does not boo God at its national convention, did not contribute a single vote to the passage of Obamacare, does not work for open borders, and is not the go-to party for transgender politics and a host of other uniquely Democrat evils.

    2. I had never thought of it in those terms, but you have a good point there.

      Most of my life, I avoided politics to the extent possible. As I matured, I came to realize that political ideology was only one facet of a much larger philosophical position. (Believe it or not, in my youth I considered myself a liberal, albeit I always believed in free markets.) But observations of events in my lifetime have led me to conclude that there is a fundamental difference in worldview that covers many, many things. The best description I can come up with. At least at the moment, is that it comes down to our view of responsibility.

      Some people believe that they are responsible for themselves, while others believe that others should have the responsibility whenever possible. This comes into play in matters of earning a living, paying our bills, how we drive, how we care for ourselves (it’s my responsibility to eat healthily, not my Drs. responsibility to shield me from the consequences of my poor choices). The list goes on. It covers education, entertainment and our relationship with our Creator. I have personally known people that felt that if they maintained a good standing within their chosen religion they would be virtually assured of salvation. It can all be summed up two words: personal responsibility. Some people assume it willingly, others avoid it as much as possible.

      Those that spend their lives looking for scapegoats to take the blame and human authorities to take responsibility seem to be quite vulnerable to the siren call of the left. Free education! Free food! Housing assistance! Free, free, free. These are available to me as well, but I prefer freedom over freebies. Go on the dole and everything you have is subject to the whims of others. “Sorry, you no longer qualify for (fill in the blank)” becomes something to be avoided. People arrange their lives around continuing and maximizing their “benefits”. I work my hours, then leave my job free to decide matters as I see fit. It doesn’t work that way when you are getting government freebies. You don’t have to work, but there are hoops to jump through and decisions are made accordingly.

      Want to gain a lot of support? It’s simple, promise more freebies. It doesn’t matter that they aren’t yours to give and it doesn’t matter that the freebies hardly ever live up to what is promised. Just promise more freebies and tally the loyal supporters. In the middle class, the game is a bit different, but it usually comes down to some double-talk about making things greener and better and easier, but these are words, easy to say, hard to put into practice.

      The opposite side of the coin is the road which seems to be increasingly less traveled. Look at life and get to work at making things better for you or yours. I once met a young couple that were trying to make a living. One of them complained of inequity and unfairness, the other was on the phone trying to drum up some business. The business did grow and a nice home eventually followed. Eventually the complainer wanted out, I guess success just wasn’t as much fun as having someone else to blame.

      There’s one saving grace to all of this, I believe that more people are starting to see that all these promises are hollow. Matters have gone quite far in the direction of irresponsibility and some of the adherents are beginning to have second thoughts.

      Of course the best saving grace is just that, God’s grace and His promise to establish a righteous king. At that time, there will be true justice and true opportunity. We will all have the opportunity to stand before our God, our sin paid for by Jesus’ shed blood and a clean slate.

    3. I’ll save most of this for a separate post, but go through the Ten Commandments one by one, and you’ll see that every one of them is purposely, and as a matter of ideology, spoken against and campaigned against by the Left throughout the world. Every one of them.

    4. That’s a great point Lee. While the terms used, Democrats/Republicans, Liberals/Conservatives are the same they don’t have the same meaning as they did in years past. As Reagan famously stated, he didn’t leave the Democrats, the Democrats left him. John Kennedy would not fit within his party as it exists today and certainly not Harry Truman. Something changed in the last fifty years or so, and the tone is not what it used to be.

      There is an anti-God bias that seems to run to the very core of the far Left and, while some claim to believe in God, they don’t seem to offer more than lip service. There are, at the root of it all, two positions, in subjection to God, or enslaved to His opposer.

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