She’s Already Got the Commie Vote

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Not to give it more attention than it deserves, but the prospect of Oprah Winfrey running for president has already drawn some left-wing wackos out of the woodwork.

Van Jones–who was in the Obama administration as “green jobs czar” until he had to be dumped because he was a self-proclaimed communist and anyway we can certainly get by without a “green jobs czar”–has thrown his support to Oprah. Provided, he says, she will be content to be “demoted from queen of the universe to President of the United States.” “If she runs,” he predicted, “she will destroy anyone in front of her.”

Queen of the universe? What universe is that?

If she does run, we already know what we’re going to hear.

If you don’t vote for her, you hate black people, you are a racist and a White Supremacist. The few dozen real white supremacists in America never had it so good.

If you don’t vote for her, you hate women.

In fact, if you don’t vote for her, you probably hate everybody.

What a swell time we’re going to have.

2 comments on “She’s Already Got the Commie Vote

  1. “…when you’ve been part of the problems for decades, but suddenly they all think you’re the solution”

    “Oprah’s association with Obama and Reverend Wright is also disturbing. They both went to Wright’s church for many years and it appears obvious Wright is very anti-American and anti-white. The chickens coming home to roost comment about America by Wright tells us a lot. Going to that church I don’t know how anyone could be patriotic or very Christian.”

    I’m keeping tabs on every one of these commie globalists who think we’re going to let them slither into our Oval Office – despite their spending a lot of money and rigging the elections, The above comes from “Seal Hits Oprah Hard: Accuses Her for Enabling Harvey Weinstein”

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