The Small Pets are Nice, Too

We’ve never had guinea pigs or chinchillas, but we did have rats and they were wonderful pets–affectionate, smart, clean, and easy to care for. The only problem: whenever we turned out the lights to go to bed, the two rat sisters started fighting and you would hear thump-thump-thump-bump-SQUEEEAK! Turn the lights back on, and instantly they would be pretending nothing had happened. “I dunno, I didn’t hear no squeaking, did you hear a squeak? Look at us, we’re just sitting here nice and peaceful…” But they never did each other an injury, and the second time you turned the lights out, they’d behave themselves.

Warning: If you have a chinchilla who thinks he’s a cat, don’t let him near the toilet paper.

8 comments on “The Small Pets are Nice, Too

  1. How can anyone look at a hamster and not see the hand of God? These beautiful animals reflect their Maker, His wisdom, His artistry. His love, His artistry.

    1. About as much as I’ve ever been able to do with a snake was to get it to trust me enough to be relaxed and calm when I held it, but that’s the best I was ever able to do with a snake.

    2. I agree. In my opinion, they were probably never intended to be pets, per se, although I greatly admire them and think them to be beautiful and fascinating creatures.

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