‘Are My Books Biased?’ (2013)

Actually, since this post was written, a prominent Catholic reviewer has refused to review my books because of, he says, rampant Calvinism. I think his problem is that he used to be a Calvinist and doesn’t like to remember that portion of his life.  But I deny his charge against me.


Of course, you can always read them and decide for yourself. Commercial Message (Beware!): All my books can easily be ordered right here on this site. Just click “Books” and go for the shopping cart icon (the publisher) or the Amazon.com icon.


2 comments on “‘Are My Books Biased?’ (2013)

  1. I have always thought the temple in Obann and its religious corruption was a metaphor for any heretical church. And the fact that this book reviewer was a Calvinist who converted to the Roman Catholic makes me think he was never really a true Calvinist. What is he so afraid of anyway? And also, he would probably give you a bad review.

    1. A mutual friend tried to arrange this, the reviewer read Bell Mountain, and decided it was tainted with Calvinism. He didn’t say that because he’s Catholic. He said it because he’s a ninny.

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