Cats & Dogs on Ice

You’d think they’d be upset, losing their footing and all: but dogs and cats can turn just about anything into a game. In this they far exceed salamanders, who are always so serious about everything.

Remember when it used to be fun for us to slide all around the ice? Well, the falling part, not so much.

7 comments on “Cats & Dogs on Ice

    1. Everybody did a lot of ice-skating around here, back in the 50s. I never could learn to skate backwards, but otherwise I was pretty good.

  1. That jumping jack at the end was so cute! It’s not clear to me just what he was trying to accomplish, but he sure was funny 🙂

    When I was a young girl, I had a pair of figure skates that were like a treasure to me. I’d tie the laces together, toss them over my shoulder and walk the 2 miles to the local high school. They always made an outdoor rink for the community and there was no charge. I loved figure skating and was pretty good at it too. I was even able to make a figure eight skating backwards 🙂 Ahhh – memories.

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