I’m Three Years Old Today!

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So who says Artificial Intelligence is really just artificial stupidity?

We received today a computer-generated reminder from Greetings.com that today is my third birthday. Wow, 65 years taken right off the top! Imagine if they could do that with your weight, too. I just can’t wait till we all have the ability to hook up our brains to a master computer somewhere and all of us be just as smart as whips. First our cars, then our missile defense system, and finally our brains.

4 comments on “I’m Three Years Old Today!

  1. Well, look at that. You’re the same age as my granddaughter and my great grandson! How is Patty handling this news? 🙂

    1. She’s jealous! She could really use a couple of decades knocked off.
      Of course, now I’ll have to wait 15 years before I can drive or vote again…

    2. No problem. Just send yourself a card wishing yourself a happy 18th birthday. After all, we are what we identify ourselves as being, korrekt?

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