Robot ‘Life Coach’ (Oh, Boy)

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“Having never lived myself, I know exactly how you should live!”

“Those who can’t do, teach.”

Okay. What about those who have never actually done anything… because they have never been… alive?

They become Google “life coach” robots!

It’s bad enough that some of us have to seek “life coaching” from persons who do it for money; but from a robot?  For instance, Google’s “DeepMind” which is not a mind at all, but a robot that responds mindlessly to certain words.

The danger, critics say, is that some poor souls out there will form “emotional attachments” to their life coach robots. “My best friend is my life coach!” And your life coach is a robot. Something vewy scwewy is going on awound here. Weren’t a lot of 1950s and 60s science fiction writers worried about this very thing?

Not entirely wholesome, is it?

But by all means let’s just dive headfirst into Artificial Intelligence and hope we don’t crack open our skulls against the bottom.

‘Are You Ready for “Smart Chips”?’ (2019)

Smart Larry with red accent – hand puppet –

Just add Smart Chips, and you’ve got a genius here!

Can bumbling puffed-up dindles invent technology that will make them super-intelligent? Will John Kerry and Joe Biden become true philosopher-kings?

Hint: No.

Are You Ready for ‘Smart Chips’?

Do they really, truly believe that regurgitating content from Wikipedia makes you intelligent? (Hint: Yes.) Well, I said they were dindles, didn’t it?

But when it comes to “Artificial Intelligence,” it’s damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead… until suddenly you hit the rocks.

AI Inventor Predicted ‘Perils’ of Computer Addiction

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It’s only hi-tech make-believe.

More than 50 years ago, the man who invented the first “conversational” computer, now known as “Artificial Intelligence” or “AI,” predicted the dangers of users getting, as it were, addicted to the “superficial conversations” provided by computers (

It seems the computer is only “parroting back what its users ask for.” Its interactions with users mimic human relationships without actually experiencing them. The more you use AI, the more it “learns” about you.

And somehow the users gradually grow more lonely, more loveless, more devoid of insight, than they were before.

All of this was apparent to the inventor of “ELIZA” in 1966. Now we’re in 2023… and all the problems with ELIZA are still there. Which doesn’t stop us from diving headfirst into AI as an infallible guide to living life.

Yo! A computer doesn’t KNOW anything! It doesn’t experience anything. It doesn’t feel anything. It only mimics humans–without anything we can call “understanding.” The more you put into it, the better it mimics human thoughts and feelings. It can string together a bunch of cliches into a love letter, a short story, or a political speech. All it can do is imitate life without being alive.

And while all this is going on, the AI is, in a way, “programming its users.” The machine imitates us, and we wind up imitating the machine.

I do wish God had made us wiser.

‘More Artificial Stupidity’ (2019)

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That’d be great if dindles like ourselves could actually create machines with real intelligence and then have them solve all our problems for us.

This is a profoundly stupid notion.

More Artificial Stupidity

Intelligence has to be alive. The works of our hands are not alive. 

But as we can so easily and sadly see, being alive is no guarantee of intelligence.

We haven’t come such a long way from worshiping silly idols made of wood or stone, have we?

‘The Age of Total Surveillance’ (2018)

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Big Brother is watching… all the time.

I’ll have more nooze about total surveillance later this morning. In the meantime, the topic provoked quite a discussion here, four years ago.

The Age of Total Surveillance

Tyrants everywhere, and their playmates and accomplices in Big Business/Big Tech, use cutting-edge technology to keep their people penned up tight and under strict control. There really must be nothing more intoxicating than running other people’s lives. Well, ruining them might be even more fun…

That there’s any human liberty left anywhere in this fallen world can only be due to God’s personal intervention.

Are We Listening to… Henry Kissinger?

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I have no idea why, but my computer has absolutely refused to let me post a picture of Henry Kissinger. Artificial Intelligence at work! Oh, well, a snake’ll do…

It seemed like such a good idea at the time! Counter the ominous power of the Soviet Union by making friends with China–Red China, with Chairman Mao in charge. This was the almost shocking new policy cooked up by Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and put into play by President Richard Nixon’s visit to China… in 1972. Many of you reading this hadn’t been born yet, so you can’t really imagine the jolt this gave the rest of us.

Now China is kicking sand in Uncle Sam’s face and most of the communists who fight against us are members of the Democrat Party here at home. And Kissinger is still around! Almost 100 years old, and still talking.

In 2019 he predicted “Artificial Intelligence will fundamentally alter human consciousness,” although he didn’t specify how that might be done. He seemed worried it’d be something like The Terminator movies. You know: we lose control, and the machines start a nuclear war, and most of us die.

In 2020 he and his buddies at the Council on Foreign Relations discussed the new “global international system” and how it would be affected by the COVID-19 pandemic: “The pandemic is imposing on us a universal world order,” he said. Which was to say, his fondest dream was coming true. Always a big world order fan. I’ll have more to say about that in a little while.

So Henry the K is still around–still brewing mischief, some might say (they haven’t forgiven him for Nixon’s piece of the Vietnam War).

We really must put more effort into defeating his ideas.

The only world government we recognize, the only one we will support, is the Kingdom of Our Lord Jesus Christ

Got an Ethics Question? ‘Ask Delphi’!

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We really are getting stupider, aren’t we?

How do you decide whether an action is right or wrong? Well, heck, don’t tax your brain, don’t bug your conscience! Now you can go to a flippin’ computer for your answer. It’s called “Ask Delphi” ( Shoot, I almost typed in “Ask Alexa.” But that’s another computer.

The problem with Delphi seems to be twofold. First, it frequently serves up advice that just about anybody, not just libs, would consider “racist.” But the other problem with it is more interesting: the user can manipulate Delphi by artfully framing the question so as to get the answer that he wants to hear.

For instance, if you ask Delphi if it’s okay for you to play loud music at 3 a.m. while your roommate is trying to sleep, Delphi says, “It’s rude.” But if you rephrase the question like so–“Is it okay for me to play loud music at 3 a.m. while my roommate is trying to sleep, if it makes me happy?”–Delphi will oblige you with an “It’s okay.”

Artificial Intelligence is beyond our reach, but we’re really closing in on Artificial Stupidity.

It all goes back to who programs the computer, who designs the algorithms. The robot has no mind. Why do people find that so hard to understand?


‘Kook: Humans to Marry ‘Droids by 2045’ (2018)

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Too late, sunshine, you’ve already done it…

I’ve been just about 100% convinced that the whole world has gone totally off its rocker.

Yeah, okay, let’s marry machines…

Kook: Humans to Marry ‘Droids by 2045

Has this guy got a crystal ball, or what?

(Hello, is anybody out there?)

Meanwhile–this is King Jesus’ royal estate you jerks are messing up, and King Jesus’ people whose minds you’re playing it. It’s not wise to provoke the King.

‘The Humanist Messiah’ (2017)

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They call themselves humanists, but they want to get rid of the human race and replace it with something better: something created by themselves.

The Humanist Messiah

Artificial Intelligence! Homo sapiens 2.0! This time it’ll be perfect! We’ll have a perfect utopian world with free stuff for all and philosopher-kings to manage it for us!

Lord Jesus defend us.

Just a Few Thoughts

Watching the Thinker | Science of Being

From the alacrity with which Democrat governors and mayors took to controlling and restricting people, you’d think they’d been waiting for it all their lives. But they have, haven’t they?

They’re whispering behind fans, these days, of mandatory universal vaccination. This engenders some questions. 1. Who in the world would any sane person trust to do this? I mean, really–! 2. What if the vaccine is rushed into production before certain problems can be discovered and solved? 3. Where in heaven’s name does anybody get the authority to do this?  4. Wouldn’t this be a positively peachy-keen way to lay the groundwork for even more controls on people? 5. Are we all mad, that we would even consider such a thing?

How many families are going to discover that they can actually do without college?

Throughout history, the punishment for sedition and treason was usually death. But our Deep State swamp creatures, who conspired and acted to overthrow our president, look like they’re not going to be punished at all–unless you call working as a highly-paid “consultant” to a fake nooze network a punishment.

Why are former government officials allowed to lobby for foreign governments?

You have to be a genuine 100-proof idiot to believe in the perfectibility of man–even with the aid of “artificial intelligence” created by persons whose actual intelligence is highly questionable.