Clever Kitties

All right, the cats want to open the cabinet. Why? Search me. Maybe just to see what’s inside. You know they’re curious. And they figure out how to open it. This demonstrates a high order of intelligence: there are no cabinets in nature.

Now, if they really want to impress me, they’ll figure out how to move the stools so they won’t stop the door from opening all the way.

Can you imagine what cats could do, if only they had hands?

4 comments on “Clever Kitties

  1. I’ve seen mine pull a cabinet open, step backwards on her hind logs until it was open all the way, then duck inside and close the door behind her.

    1. My cat used to do that with his cat carrier — he’d open the door grating, get inside, and pull the door shut behind himself. He also used to pull open the bottom drawers of the bathroom vanity so far that he could actually get behind them. I finally had to childproof all the bottom drawers with safety strips that even I have trouble getting open.

    1. Yeah, but the last thing anybody wants is cats moving furniture: that kind of video would lead to disruptions in many homes, and people tripping over stools and ottomans that are supposed to be somewhere else.

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