Building Temples : Who Do You Worshipp

Building Temples : Who Do You Worshipp

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  1. For some reason, people seem to want to worship something visible. Moses ascends a mountain to be in the presence of the Living and True God, and the Israelites build a huge idol. For cryin’ our loud, God is on that mountain and they want some stupid golden calf?!?!?!

    People seem to spend more time thinking about church buildings than they do worship. They try to turn it into a fashion parade and spend extravagantly to make a big impression at church; is that more important than worship itself?

    But it happens in secular areas as well. I’m all for good quality in my possessions, but some people are obsessed with always having the “right brands”, wearing expensive clothes and displaying their wealth, everywhere they go. Advertising loves to create associations between various symbols, logos, etc. and perceptions of quality and status. Sometimes, I think this crosses the line into idolatry.

    Everything we see exists only because of an All Powerful God. If you saw a beautiful sunset or a beautiful face, that came from God. If an athlete, musician, actor or artist performs masterfully, no matter how hard they worked at that performance, God made it possible through His creative abilities. The list is endless, but the highest achievements of human endeavor only exist because God made all things as they are and made it possible for them to exist. When humans misuse the material assets of the earth to evil ends, they are insulting God to His face.

    I used to want a Mercedes, but now I know it’s just a car, not anything that can truly make a difference in the overall scheme of things.

  2. Anything we place ahead of God can become an idol (people, place or thing – or animal 🙂 ). I like having a Communion service each Lord’s Day because I come face to face with Reality as I am forced to examine myself.
    Last night I read in “The Thunder King” where young King Ryon was tempted to run away (chapter 16). Temptation is something we have to be on guard of 24/7 because we live among an adulterous and idolatrous generation.

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