Now Trump’s a Dummy, So They Say

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Let’s see… He plots with the Russkies to deny Hillary Clinton her rightful ownership of the White House, he’s crazy as a bedbug, he’s a Nazi… and now he can only communicate “at a fourth-grade level,” according to Newsweak and other Democrat nooze media (

We’ve just seen yet another Mark Dice jidrool-on-the-street interview with a bunch of passersby, all of them, probably, with college degrees, who didn’t seem to know that dinosaurs, woolly mammoths, and sabertooth tigers have been extinct for a very long time. They were upset because Dice told them Donald Trump’s sons were going around shooting these prehistoric beasts.

Yeah, but the same “study” showed that Jimmy Carter is a blooming genius when it comes to using advanced vocabulary.

But that’s the Democrat nooze media for you–all attacks on Trump, all the time. One after another, they keep on trying  various schemes to undo the election. They just can’t live with the fact that their gal lost.

It isn’t news anymore. It’s only politics.

3 comments on “Now Trump’s a Dummy, So They Say

  1. Hmmm…. If he communicates at a fourth-grade level, and they don’t seem able to understand anything he’s saying well enough to argue logically against it, that must put them at third-grade level or below, right?

    1. Watch Dobbs, Tucker, Hannity, & Ingraham to get real news. The biggest scandal in modern U.S. history is unfolding before our eyes (if you watch the shows I’ve listed) and the man in the street knows nothing about it because they rely on the MSM, newspapers, and liberal websites for their news – so sad. As the Trumpers chanted at his rallies, “Lock Her Up!!”

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