Bad Dog!

I have to admit to a LOL over “Somebody chewed up Mommy’s underpants,” a sentence seldom heard in a well-regulated household. But some of these messes–! What I can’t figure about dogs is, they know it’s wrong to do a certain thing, they know they’ll get in trouble for it, and then they do it anyway. More human than we thought.

7 comments on “Bad Dog!

  1. It’s so funny to see them in these situations. They know that they broke the rules and are trying for all they are worth to appease their humans. In some ways, they are like us.

    1. I once had a Tom-cat that would worry if I got home after dark. A friend was there one night when I was late getting home and said that the cat was all but inconsolable until I walked in the door. These creatures have dear, dear hearts.

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