Corgis Do Their Stuff

I find something charming in these slightly goofy little dogs. A corgi will try anything once. I particularly like the one who has decided he can moonlight as a sheepdog. Maybe he ought to watch Babe one more time, before the goats run out of patience with him.

5 comments on “Corgis Do Their Stuff

  1. When Michael was a young Marine, his grandmother had a Corgi who had a gift for escaping out the front door and high-tailing it down the street. It took some maneuvering to capture the little stinker and once a young boy happened to see Michael carrying the dog under his arm and not too happy with the little critter. His displeasure must have been evident since the little boy ran up and said: “Hey mister, if you don’t want that dog, can I have him?” Michael may have said yes if he hadn’t firmly believed the wrath of his grandmother would have ensued 🙂

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