Cat and Dog, Partners in Crime

I once lived in a house where this happened fairly often. We had a refrigerator with one of those push-down door handles. The cat would jump up and hang on the handle, pulling it down and causing the door to swing open. Then he and the dog would climb in and eat my housemates’ suppers.

Here they’re only stealing cookies, and probably confused by the patzer standing there with a camera, filming them. It would confuse me if I were stealing cookies.

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    1. Right you are, Unknowable. I’ve found that many times people in their arrogance can’t imagine animals actually having thought processes. And more than once I’ve thought they make much better companions than some people I know. 🙂

      The marble tabby in this video is a beautiful cat!

    2. I think it’s a side effect of evolutionary thinking. As I’ve learned through life experience, animals are exceptionally clever and resourceful. They have limitations which allow us to outsmart them, most of the time, but they are possessed of brilliance when dealing with the tasks for which they are suited. It’s almost as if it was designed that way. 🙂 Of course, they are designed very specifically for their role in the animal realm and to be compatible with humans.

    3. And just as a side note – the ‘cookies’ in that jar look suspiciously like a certain dog treat. (notice that the cat wasn’t interested in ingesting them) This may be a daily routine 🙂

    4. It’s definitely not the lopsided contest some people think it is. Just think of that, a fish, one of the simplest creatures on earth, can do some impressive things to avoid being caught.

  1. I watched BBC’s “Blue Planet” over the weekend. One segment was about a good sized fish who obtained a clam, then proceeded to a circular rock formation where it threw the clam against the rock over and over until the shell finally broke open and it won its reward.

    1. I once saw a video about a species of fish that makes an elaborate display of rocks and sand to attract a mate. These creatures, these simplest of creatures, are capable of art. This display was nothing to sneeze at, I couldn’t even begin to duplicate it. How can anyone believe this all evolved?

    2. Today I subbed for a Jr. High Science teacher who had the kids watch a Nat’l Geographic video: “The Story of the Earth.” It had great special effects and even had a counter displaying how many million of years passed before certain things happened. I was unbelievable, I mean, literally unbelievable. The things scientists have made up to explain away an Infinite, Personal Creator is manic. The talk about how another planet plowed into the Earth while it was forming, and how at one time the Earth was like a snowball. A big section was on how there wasn’t any oxygen in the atmosphere until bacteria on the ocean floor began producing it. I felt so sorry for the way these young students are being brainwashed.

    3. I wonder what would’ve happened if you’d said, “This is all rubbish, you know.” Not that I’d have dared say that while I was subbing.

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