A Really Funny Cowboy Joke

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I just had to share this joke with you. It’s guaranteed to make you laugh!

A cowboy goes to Heaven, and St. Peter meets him at the pearly gates. “Have you done anything meritorious in your life?” asks St. Peter.

“Well,” drawls the cowboy, “there is one thing.

“I was in the Black Hills of South Dakota when I came upon a gang of bikers scaring a poor young gal. So I walked right up to the biggest, meanest-looking biker and smacked him upside the head, knocked his bike over, and tore out his earring and throwed it on the ground. And I said, ‘All right, you varmints, all of you git on out of here right now, or I’ll kick your butts to kingdom come!'”

St. Peter is impressed! “Wow! When did that happen?”

“Jist a couple minutes ago,” the cowboy says.


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  1. Mort Saul had read an article in which Woody Allen said Saul had changed his life (they had first met during the Greenwich Village heydays), so Saul visited Woody on a movie set to thank him for what he said. This was after Woody had gotten a lot of press about being a child molester. When the bodyguard finally let Saul through to Woody, Saul said he came to thank Woody for what he said about how he changed his life. Woody replied, “Can you change it back?”

    1. “No, Woody, I can’t. Only Jesus Christ can do that.”
      Let’s not hold our breath waiting to hear anybody say that to Woody Allen.

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