Keep Looking Up Thats The Secret Of Life!

The cool thing about “Through an Open Lens” is, this guy takes all his own pictures. And something about birds in the snow never fails to charm me.   –LD

4 comments on “Keep Looking Up Thats The Secret Of Life!

  1. We have a pair of these red-bellied woodpeckers nearby somewhere. Every now and then they swoop down to grab a peanut from our porch or under the pine tree where I usually put some (that is, if the squirrels, chipmunks, bunnies and greedy blue jays don’t get them all first). I do try to resupply often for that very reason 🙂

    1. God was certainly generous with the types, sizes and colors in the bird family, and every one is a blessing.

      There’s a rather busy intersection with a canal and lots of trees on one corner in South Florida where beautiful white Ibises in untold numbers have decided to roost each night. When it’s dark and only the street lights and the lights God provides are shining on them, they look almost like extremely full jasmine or Gardenia trees with their white flowers in such bloom there isn’t a space between. What a sight! Our town was sensible enough to make that corner a sanctuary.

  2. There are human artists that create wonderful things, but nothing manmade ever approaches the beauty of things God made. A while back, I got a close look at a Gambral Quail, which looks dowdy from a distance, but is exquisitely beautiful up close.

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