Hillary: Climbit Change Means Women Hardest Hit

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It’s the end o’ the world, I tell ‘ee! And wouldn’t you know it? Women will be hardest hit!

Hillary Clinton’s words of wisdom, a few days ago at Georgetown Looniversity: “Women… will bear the brunt of looking for food, looking for the firewood, looking for the place to migrate to when all of the grass is finally gone” (https://www.dailywire.com/news/26800/hillary-clinton-now-says-climate-change-sexist-emily-zanotti). While men sit around playing video games or something.

This woman’s crazy.

Really, I must object! It’s not fair to satirists that she should satirize herself. Our job is hard enough without leftids making fools of themselves before we can show them up as fools.

Meanwhile, Hillary shared her thoughts on the 2016 presidential election, attributing her defeat to “old fashioned sexism and a refusal to accept the equality of women” on the voters’ part. “You sexist morons! You deplorables! How could you have been so freakin’ stupid?” Etc. Winning the hearts and minds of the electorate… by spitting venom at them.

3 comments on “Hillary: Climbit Change Means Women Hardest Hit

  1. People who are that insane should be in a padded room somewhere. No end to the nonsense. The sooner everyone turns their backs to her and walks out, the better.

    1. Amen, Erlene!

      And Lee, that’s a great picture of her in tantrum character 🙂

  2. You knew as soon as the Leftids got involved in the #metoo movement they would pervert it. Now the “Sports Illustrated” mag is helping promote the movement by putting naked female models on their glossy pages – go figure.

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