Coming Soon! ‘The Silver Trumpet’

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Break out that World Fantasy Award! Here comes Bell Mountain No. 10, The Silver Trumpet! Like, real soon. Any day now. ‘Cause the editing’s all done, the cover art is squared away, and all we gotta do is have it printed.

Those of you out there in Media Land who want to line me up for an interview, you’d better move fast. I’m offering first dibs to Rush Limbaugh, but for everybody else, it’s devil take the hindmost.

Who are those guys up on the walls with the trumpets? Why can’t we find them afterward? And what the heck is this, with the ship? Did you say ship? There are no ships that sail to Obann! Haven’t been for a thousand years.

Yes, all sorts of things are going on in this book, and to find out what’s what, you’ve got to read it. And please use all means of persuasion at your disposal to get your family and friends to buy it, too. Just don’t get caught.

11 comments on “Coming Soon! ‘The Silver Trumpet’

  1. Hurray! For some reason this one seems to have taken a bit longer than usual. I’m anxious to get started – and I’m sure I’m not alone! 🙂

    1. We all realize these things are out of your control, but it sure is disappointing 🙁

    2. And I’d say that’s actually not a bad thing – we’re all anxious to read it 🙂

  2. I am still working my way through “The Last Banquet.” It very thrilling with so much going on. While reading it I can’t help but think Lee Duigon is a genius. My life is blessed because I have so many more “Bell Mountain” books to read!!

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