‘Should We All Speak Esperanto?’ (2012)

I admit that the fans of Esperanto who reply to this blog post aren’t half-bad at making their case for it. I tip my hat to them. And I strongly agree with their position that obscure little minority languages ought to be preserved.

But I remain convinced that the whole Esperanto project is a bad idea. We once had a common language and God took it away. We’ll have one again when He decides it’s right. Until then, I think we should oppose anything but the lordship of Jesus Christ as a basis for uniting nations.


5 comments on “‘Should We All Speak Esperanto?’ (2012)

  1. NO! (Unless you want to be close to Soros, who speaks it and whose name was changed from Schwartz to Soros, Esperanto for “soar.” That attempt was tried about one hundred years ago.

    1. That would be most fitting. How about Saudis, as in Schwartzesaurus? Actually, the Wik source just told me that it correctly means “will soar.”

  2. Some scientists say the earth is 4.5 billion years old, while others say it is 3.5 billion years old – hey, what’s a billion years give or take.
    When computer technology is perfected we may be able to communicate in any language being used on the planet by hitting a keyboard letter or a hyperlink.

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