A Brand-New Computer Problem!

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You know how, if you don’t stay on top of it and regularly delete lots and lots of stuff, you suddenly wind up with ten thousand emails? And you can’t find any of the important items because they’re lost in a sea of junk?

Well, tonight this genius machine has decided not to let me delete emails anymore. I will have to wake up my wife to see if she can fix it.

My editor’s computer has decided to receive only some of its emails some of the time.

We’ll never create genuine artificial intelligence; but we have truly mastered artificial stupidity.

Excuse me for a moment… EEEEYAAAAH—!

27 comments on “A Brand-New Computer Problem!

  1. Like you, Lee, I’m at a distinct disadvantage regarding electronic equipment. Even the jargon doesn’t connect with me much of the time. It’s very frustrating to have an inanimate object loom so dauntingly – especially after it has made itself nearly indispensable.

  2. Amen, Linda. I have the same frustrating problems with electronics. They seem to deliberately set out to see if they can drive you to the loony bin.
    Just when you have finally conquered the oddities of one system BOOM! A new program comes on the scene and nothing makes sense any more.

    1. Uh, doesn’t that make it, like, super-easy to lose that one email that just might be important? I mean, you never know when some warlord’s daughter from the Ivory Coast might want you to open a bank account for her because she’s fallen in love with you and needs some safe place to stash her father’s $20 million….

    2. Oh, you received that email also 🙂

      I print out emails that are important. Also, I can tell which emails I’ve opened and which ones I haven’t so finding an old one is not that difficult (but sometimes time consuming).

  3. Today is 3/8/18 and I just got to this, your email. I’m 4,938 emails behind with a 5,000 limit and have a hundreds of thousands of emails in folders which I saved to either print, refer to, or post. I too can’t find that one email I so desperately need. Though I know it’s somewhere in a folder, it takes so long now to go through them that I just don’t have enough time to find it,
    My service recently changed its format and I can’t change, add or delete files. “Permanently” deleting files which I have already deleted once is now a time-consuming effort. Animated adds have been placed to the right of my email folder which reduced the viewing space, forces me to move it to the left and to the right, and disturbs my concentration. First one site, then two, now three sites disappear while i’m reading an article so I can’t save it, print it, or copy it. The technician said they were having “server” problems and everything would be fixed in a week. That was 6 weeks ago and it’s same-o same-o. So I would say welcome to the club. PS: Please keep me/us posted.

    1. Oh my goodness, Marlene! This sounds like me lol. Those animated ads are such a huge problem. Not only are they in the way, but they seem to slow down the loading of emails. That’s why I don’t use that server anymore.

    2. Hey! Let’s all hook our brains up to some great big computer run by Google or the government so we can all be Smart!

    3. Oh, those tech guys think they’re real smart. But what they don’t have is our wisdom and heart. Frankly, i’d rather be stupid than hook up my brain to those who are so mean.

    4. Here’s an extra paddle since we’re all in the same boat of low tech. Being technologically challenged especially in tech jargon, what do you mean you don’t use “that server”? Do we have a choice? BTW, don’t mean to bother you, but since I don’t have your email address and you have mine, feel free to write, whenever you have time.

    5. Marlene, please write me whenever you like as well 🙂 As far as a ‘server’ goes, I’m not sure I’m using the right terminology either. You can’t get more low tech than I am. My cousin used to call me a dufus about computers lol. When I say ‘server’ I think of the email server, like yahoo, gmail, Hotmail, etc. The techie in our little group who at least has some of the answers is Unknowable.

    6. Yes, Unknowable is technologically brilliant. I copied several of his comments and put them in my “Tech” file.
      You’re too modest – you just told me who my server is – lol!
      PS: I don’t have your email address.

    7. I’ll resend my email address. I actually sent it last week but it may have gotten lost in a spam folder or some such. I’ll resend it momentarily 🙂

    8. Marlene, I sent you an email this afternoon. Did you receive it? If not, either it’s in your spam folder or I might have it wrong. I’ll have to check with Lee.

      Meanwhile, Lee, would you mind resending mine to Marlene?

    9. Well, here I am, ready to go–and my computer has forgotten Marlene’s email address. Also, it doesn’t have your email that I was to forward to you. I’ll help, but everything has to be done over now, so you each have to send me an email so I can forward you to each other.

    10. Yes, Linda, I found it below 200 emails. Just want you to know I’ll be sending you a response shortly. Thanks – I look forward to our conversations.

    11. Lee – thank you for all your efforts. Marlene received my email. No need to trouble yourself any further. 🙂

    12. That problem of being unable to delete email, my wife solved it later that evening.
      I haven’t seen any of those animated ads you mention. I’d just as soon miss them altogether.

    13. You’re lucky to have such a smart wife, especially in computer tech, which you seem to not be interested in tackling. I think some of us faithful readers here would pay you to take courses so as to enlighten and teach us what you learn. I’m a lost cause at this point (because I’m not even sure what a server is and when the tech told me the problem was their server, I said Okay, thank you).

    14. There are some things that I just can’t learn, and machines and gizmos are one of them. High school chemistry is another. I could take courses from now till Doomsday and it wouldn’t help.

    15. Ditto! I remember my first attempt at that and I’m very glad there weren’t cameras on every corner lol! I did finally get the hang of it – after I didn’t need it anymore 🙂

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