World Government Summit Calls USA ‘the Enemy’

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Actors and other Citizens of the World have flocked to Dubai this week for the annual world government summit, to denounce their own country, America, as “the enemy” ( Whoop-dee-doo.

Experts and geniuses like Robert DeNiro, Goldie Hawn, Ariana Huffington, and of The Black Eyed Peas joined in trashing their country. They’re especially mad at us for not hopping aboard their Climbit Change bandwagon. DeNiro called America “a backward country, a place where science once reigned and lately has been replaced by ignorance.” They’re also still mad at us for not electing Crooked Hillary.

Also giving a speech was some yo-yo from the Cyborg Society, longing for the day when we can all be “part-human, part-technology.” He didn’t say which part would be which. Dude, anytime you want to hook your brain up to my computer–well, I was going to say “Come on down,” but on second thought, I’m afraid he would screw up my computer.

Nothin’ wrong with the world that a good, stiff dose of central government planning wouldn’t cure! Or so they say.

12 comments on “World Government Summit Calls USA ‘the Enemy’

  1. Well, if America is the enemy, and all these people have been taking money from the enemy, they should convict themselves of treason and offer themselves up for punishment … no?

    1. LOL! Okay. We’ll go with it – but it actually was a typo. My keyboard sticks 🙂

  2. Gov’t planning of the economy in the Soviet Union and Communist China cause the death and misery of millions upon millions. Is that what these American traitors really want? I can’t watch Robert DiNero movies anymore – he sickens me.

  3. I don’t even know who some of the most self-impressed celebrities are, other than public trouble-makers. In fact, aside from an occasional Christian or pro-life film, I haven’t bothered going to the movies since the mid-1990s. Somehow I’ve managed to live a rich, full life without them.

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