I Thought I Was Going to Write Today

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I can’t seem to rev up my writing motor today. There’s news out there that I ought to comment on, but the prospect of having a couple of teeth pulled on Friday is something I find rather distracting. It won’t seem such a big deal, once I get it over with, but today it troubles me.

So I had a cigar; and then, because the sun was shining and it wasn’t freezing cold for a change, I went for a bike ride. For years I’ve been riding almost every day, but this winter has put the kibosh on that. I like a nice, peaceful bike ride. The opportunity having presented itself, I took it.

But how to keep the traffic flowing to this blog today, I know not.

Maybe announce a comment contest? Might that work? Well, give it a try.

12 comments on “I Thought I Was Going to Write Today

  1. Oh, Lee, sorry to hear about the planned extractions. I had that done just last summer. In my case, the pain was covering my whole jaw, and it was good to get rid of the “offenders”, but it does make eating more difficult, and …well, I hope it goes better with you. I will pray.

    1. Sometimes we just have to take care of ourselves. You’re entitled to a day of doing just that, kind sir. The news will be here tomorrow, and there are lots of archives to wade through if anyone has a mind to do so.

    2. Of course! – wading was meant to allude to the volume you’ve compiled over time, not the content. Sort of like a cold case file 🙂

  2. I always wanted to die with all my teeth intact like my Dad did, but I contracted a weird virus and had to have one tooth pulled and a bridge put in. Look on the bright side, Lee – the Tooth Fairy can visit you and maybe give you some new ideas for a novel to write!!

    1. No, Evelyn, it’s more a case of a bad tooth which broke off today. Even though it was 70 degrees here…
      Hey, can you tell me whatever happened to Jim McGregor? I can’t find him.

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