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So they’re digging up this huge lost city in Mexico, a place called Angamuca ( Built around 900 A.D., and lost until 2007, it went out of business around 1350, before any Europeans arrived on the scene. Recent laser mapping suggests it had a population of around 100,000 people, with some 40,000 buildings–as many as there are in Manhattan–packed into ten square miles. All in all, a mighty city, rivaling the Aztec capitol of Tenochtitlan (now Mexico City) itself.

And then, oblivion. The site of Angamuca is heavily traveled in modern times, but no one until just a few years ago knew this city had ever been there. People drove right past it in their cars. It took state-of-the-art technology to bring it out of the dark.

Says one of the chief archeologists working the site… “These guys had it all figured out.”


Uh, what’s wrong with this picture? You figure everything out, and then you turn into a lost city? What kind of figuring is that? Like, you’re supposed to still be here if you’ve got it all figured out.

As Bayard Rustin once said, “There sure are a lot of stupid smart people.”


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  1. Yep, them ancient civilizations had it all figured out; until some disease came along and killed a significant percentage of the population. If you did live to a ripe old age there’s a good chance you were blind from cataracts and if anything went wrong, such as a simple bone fracture, you were probably lame for life. If any of us were to go back into the agricultural age we would be appalled at the conditions.

    1. And it seems they were as smart then as they are today – building cities near volcanoes, oceans with tidal waves, earthquake fault lines, sides of mountains where mudslides occur, etc. Silly people.

    2. Y’know, there are a lot of cities much older than Angamuco–like Athens, Damascus, London, Syracuse, Rome, Jerusalem, just to name a few–that never got lost and are still in business. No one says the people of those cities had it all figured it out.

  2. It is my hope that America gets it figured out that the reason it has been prosperous is because of the Christian faith and the god it extols. May America return to that original, founding faith before it is too late.

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