Off to the Vet’s…

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Well, now I’ve got to catch Robbie so I can take her to the vet. Just for a checkup, see how her thyroid numbers are–everything, I expect, should be all right. Then we can come home and Peep can spend the rest of the day hissing at Robbie, hissing at me, and at the furniture. By then it will be raining. Maybe it’ll put the cats to sleep. They haven’t figured out yet how to fight in their sleep.

9 comments on “Off to the Vet’s…

  1. Have you noticed that cats seem to know when we’re thinking “vet” even before we so much as glance at the carrier? 🙂 I hope all goes well at the vet and Robbie gets a clean bill of health.

  2. They seem to know when the vet is in their future. I eventually realized that I did better without the cat carrier, but that might not be the case with every cat.

    1. Ditto Iggy. He’s a squirmer, and simply cannot be held onto when he doesn’t wish it. He may be part serpent. Or greased pig. Or both.

  3. Hopefully Robbie’s checkup will be positive and indicate her medication is working as it’s supposed to. Problem is, Peep won’t be happy with ‘vet smells’ again. Can’t win.

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