A Victim of… Musical Chairs

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How could they? How could they force defenseless, fragile teenagers to participate in such a dangerous, demeaning activity as a game of musical chairs?

Well, that’s what happened at a tony private prep school in New York City, and it is now the subject of a lawsuit (https://nypost.com/2018/02/21/prep-school-sued-after-student-hurts-her-butt-during-musical-chairs/). It seems one of her classmates pulled the chair out from under her and she fell on her bum. And sustained incalculably horrific emotional damage.

According to the lawsuit, the school was way out of line in allowing–er, “forcing”–kids with “disparate physical skills and builds” to play a game together. For the  benefit of today’s college graduates, “disparate” means “different.” Kids should only be allowed to play games with those who have exactly the same physical skills and builds as they do.

Wouldn’t that make it kind of hard to get up a game of anything but solitaire? I mean, how many people do you know who have exactly the same physical skills and build as yours?

The only question that needs to be answered here is, who’s the biggest schmendrick–the lawyer or the parents?

8 comments on “A Victim of… Musical Chairs

  1. How culturally insensitive! Don’t they know that there are people in the world whom have neither music, nor chairs? This is so fraught with micro-aggressions that I’m getting the vapours. 🙂

  2. Well, these poor little overprotected tenderbutts are going to have an interesting time out in the job world, aren’t they? Not to mention what pains in other people’s butts they’ll be for the rest of their lives. (Pardon my vulgarity.)

  3. I loved musical chairs growing up. When I taught a fifth grade Sunday School class, my wife & I organized a party on Sunday afternoon. One of the activities was musical chairs but the kids didn’t think it was fun – a generational thing??

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