Oh… Fap!

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Well, just now the bad tooth broke off, so that’ll make Friday’s visit to the oral surgeon that much more fun.

At least I don’t have to worry anymore about it breaking off.

I just hope they don’t make me play musical chairs.

Anybody got some Play-Doh?

9 comments on “Oh… Fap!

  1. I’ve seen worse. I had 2 root canals and both teeth fell out within a month. Dirty dentists. I no longer go back to the same one twice. Seriously sorry about your predicament.

    1. Most of us, including me, have similar reservations about dentists. For some reason, all dental offices seem like Vincent Price should be standing there in a white coat. Sorry, Lee. Prayers go with you.

  2. what you mean ‘bad tooth’? if you are not eating healthily or got into a fight and broke your tooth the only person not up to standard is yourself

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