Oh, Noooo! No Gays in ‘Black Panther’

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There’s just no pleasing leftids. They’ve got their first black superhero in his first black superhero comic book movie, The Black Panther–and they’re beefing about there being no “gays” in the movie (http://sandrarose.com/2018/02/black-panther-packed-action-diversity-no-gays/).

There are rumors that “gay” scenes were cut from the movie, but Marvel Studios says no, never happened.

Obviously the only thing that’ll float their boat is another movie featuring a “gay” superhero with a fabulous cape. The Calico Catamite. The Silver Sod. Filigree Fairy. I mean, really–you’re Hollywood, you just can’t sleep at night unless you’ve done something to befoul our culture.

And then some other victim identity group will be jealous and there’ll have to be a caped superhero for them, too. The wheelchair-bound, in-a-coma, lactose intolerant, here illegally, totally incompetent, unintelligible, ADHD superhero  with shaving cream on her head instead of hair.

Oh–and please watch out for intersectionality. Y’know what? It just totally doesn’t matter what that is.

This is what happens to a Godless civilization.

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