It’s Not the Guns, It’s the Culture

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It’s fake!

How many times do we have to see liberals do this before we catch on?

They spend 60 years totally trashing our society, doing their damnedest to erase Christianity, erase “old morality” and replace it with sexual anarchy, wipe out the family and replace it with random clumps of sexual “partnerships,” inundate us with every kind of abnormality that they can think of–and then, when addled and corrupted people go on shooting sprees, the libs throw up their hands and say, “You’ve got to let us fix this mess!” Fix the mess that they made, on purpose. “You’ve got to do what we say!”

So they tell us we’ve got to jettison our Constitutional right to bear arms, destroy the National Rifle Assn., and entrust ourselves to left-wing Diversity merchants.

Sort of like the way they subvert immigration laws and screw up our borders, then throw up their hands and say “See! National borders aren’t working anymore. It’s time for global government–with us in charge of it!”

The reason we have school shootings, the only reason, is because leftids have debased and corrupted our culture and a lot of people just don’t know how to act like normal people anymore.

Kill the culture, and the culture will kill you back. Guaranteed.

Meanwhile, the agency of the Democrat Party known as The Media, this time CNN in particular, held a staged and scripted, 100% phony “town hall” to discuss the latest school shooting. And the students, who were invited to participate, were then told that they wouldn’t be allowed to ask the questions they wanted, but only to ask the ones CNN scripted for them (

A girl summed it up: “They just want us to further their agendas.”

Isn’t that loathsome? But “town hall” meetings nowadays are always scripted and staged by dishonest, loathsome people. In Soviet Russia they called it a Potemkin Village–a fake show put on to make gullible foreign visitors think communism was working just great.

Leftids fervently desire that law-abiding people be disarmed. We know from places like Chicago that criminal gangs and individuals just laugh at gun  bans. They certainly don’t let them cramp their style.

Why do liberals want the American people disarmed?

You don’t need me to answer that.

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  1. Rush Limbaugh concluded today on his live radio talk show that it is CNN that is mentally ill, that there is not one main of its actors that is not mentally ill. Wow! who is watching that station anyway??

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