Hello? Where Is Everybody?

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Here I am, running a comment contest, and I’ve got no comments. Not a peep out of anyone today. Wait’ll the World Happiness Council finds out about this!

Look, I’m just sayin’, before the day is out there’ll be another Oy, Rodney episode posted here and the WHC will be looking into you, if you miss it. We will also publish whatever else seems likely to provide entertainment and edification.

Fap! Are those WHC uniforms those guys are wearing, out in the parking lot? Those guys with the big mean-looking dogs.

Quick, somebody say something to make me happy–!

15 comments on “Hello? Where Is Everybody?

  1. I think I there was a Twighlight Zone sorta like that. This whole town had to think happy thoughts all the time or a little boy, played by Bill Mumy (Lost in Space) would bring consequences upon them.

    1. And if you disagreed with him in any way, it was into the cornfield with you! 🙂

  2. Does anyone remember the Twilight Zone episode starring Agnes Moorehead? She never spoke a word, but was very convincing! She appeared to be an old lady living meagerly all alone with just her broom for defense 🙂

    1. Turns out, we were the tiny little aliens with our tiny little spaceship 🙂

      Rod Serling had quite an imagination!

  3. I am usually on a one day behind schedule in reading the Blog Posts. I try to respond to every one – it keeps my mind sharp.

    How about the “Twilight Zone” episode where the guy hates people and just wants to live in a library and read books. Then at the end when he is the only human left he accidentally steps on his heavily prescripted eye glasses!!

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