Is This How Venezuela Ran Out of Toilet Paper? (Cats & Dogs)

I am so happy none of my cats ever did this! And somehow the idea of chomping down on a mittful of toilet paper gives me a distinctly unpleasant feeling. Apparently cats and dogs like it–like it a lot.

And then there are the yogis who just stand around filming them as they do it…

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  1. Too funny! (Or exasperating, as the case may be.) My previous cat used to unroll enough toilet paper to cover the surface of his litter box if I didn’t come in to clean the litter when he summoned me. He never did this when I wasn’t home — just when he’d ordered me to clean the litter and I hadn’t obeyed quickly enough. Some humans just can’t be trained…. 🙂

    1. I, too, had a cat who made it quite clear when she wanted me to clean the litter box. I don’t know what sanctions she would have applied if I didn’t do it: took care not to find out.

  2. I can’t say what may have caused Venezuela’s toilet paper shortage, but this video may be the perfect example why it has been suggested (I always forget which airheaded starlet’s idea this was but Lee knows) that humans be allowed one square per sitting, in the name of conservation I think.

    The most hilarious one was the dog growling and beating on the empty roll 🙂 Fortunately I can say that none of my many cats ever did such a thing. And, Lee, I thought the same thing – what goofball is behind the camera?!

    1. I did have a cat who would come to the aid of one of my other kitties who was disabled from a car running her over as a kitten. She had numerous problems, including seizures, a pin in her leg and lesions on her brain from the trauma, which is what caused the seizures and also caused her to go in a circle when she would begin to walk anywhere. She was unable to cover her business so without fail, as soon as she left the litter box, her ‘brother’ would jump in and cover for her. I always thought that was such a tender, loving thing for him to do 🙂

  3. I had a Tomcat that could shred toilet paper faster than Scott could produce it. He usually did it as a diplomatic tactic, sending me a message of displeasure. 🙂

  4. My two year old Chocolate Labrador is mad on the stuff. As a pup, he’d trail it around the house straight off the roll. No he is more mature, he just steals and then eats tissues instead, dirty or clean. I blog about this kind of thing and he makes it just so easy…..

  5. May the most High give you everlasting blessings, thank you for your views on the condition that the world is in, may peace be unto you and to your family and all that you have, Shalom!

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