So You Told the Cops About This Nut and Nothing Happened

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A few days ago, a woman in Winchester, Massachusetts, not far from Boston, went to her local public library. And a nut jumped out and stabbed her to death with a hunting knife. He also stabbed a 77-year-old man who tried to help her. She died. The Good Samaritan is in the hospital.

And it turns out the nut’s neighbors were afraid of him, reported him to the police numerous times… and nothing happened (

Uh, why do we need our right to bear arms?

You’re menaced by the bad guy, and either the police simply can’t get there in time to save you, or they just ignore the situation until someone gets killed. Maybe they’re busy investigating some really important hate speech incident. Too bad someone on the scene didn’t have a hand gun. But you can’t have a hand gun for self-defense in Massachusetts.

Yes, the neighbors knew this guy was trouble. He kept trying to break into other people’s homes. He kept damaging other people’s property. All we get from “the authorities” is that he was “known to the police.” Hot dog.

Now a young woman is dead and an old man is in the hospital because he tried to save her. The man is a hero, but the woman is dead–because no one there had the means to stop the killer before he could finish off his victim.

But apparently that’s OK with liberals.

16 comments on “So You Told the Cops About This Nut and Nothing Happened

  1. Obviously, we need to ban knives. And steel foundries that make the materials for the knives. And hands that hold the knives. And….

    1. It’s also okay with them because they and their body guards will be among the few remaining armed. They just don’t want US armed.

  2. As far as the guy with the knife is concerned, the most law enforcement could do would be to keep an eye on him or arrest him for something else he may have done. You can’t arrest someone because other people say he scares them – at least not yet, but I fear that’s coming. Just listen to that nutcase Sheriff Israel in Broward County, Florida. He wants to let practically anybody make the determination to have someone involuntarily committed rather than limiting that decision to qualified medical professionals. Talk about scary! What a world.

    1. Well, people did report that he’d tried to break into their houses. Surely he could’ve been arrested for that.
      We don’t want to go around busting people for pre-crime.
      Once upon a time, if someone terrorized a neighborhood, the men of the neighborhood would teach him the error of his ways.

    2. That was in our yesterworld when men were allowed to – and actually wanted to – be men.

    1. They took him alive, so there’s plenty of time for leftids to rally around him and portray him as a victim of white privilege. Or Climbit Change.

    1. It troubled me that he kept getting up and attacking them after being shot more than once: more stopping power needed. He did have an awfully hard time staying up, though, after that last shot.
      A society that tolerates crime is not long for this world.

  3. Sheriff Israel says he is an amazing leader, and then lies about how many times murderer Kruz had been investigated. The fault lies with the authorities not the NRA – only kook-job liberals could connect those dots. Now a march for the lives of young people has been co-opted by the Left and we are supposed to be impressed with their march and rally – give it up, you hypocrites.

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