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A Patriotic Cuban-American

You want some passion–passion for liberty; passion for America? Manuel Martinez, formerly of Cuba, has it. And here he delivers a warning to us all, as he opposes the state of Oregon’s latest gun control bill.

The purpose of the bill is “to disarm the American people–period!” And “what you’re selling,” he says, is Marxism. And subjugation.

He’s seen it before, in Cuba. “I was there,” he said, when Fidel Castro enslaved a free people. “You want to tell me I’m wrong?”

No one dared try.

Are We Immoral (but they’re not)?

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The secular statist crowd has been bashing Christians as immoral hypocrites for supporting President Donald Trump–because, y’see, he’s this immoral horn-dog and that makes us just as bad as he is.

The answer to this charge is laughably simple: He was running against Hillary Clinton. Of course we voted for him.

Given the fanaticism of Democrats, and the tantrum they’ve been throwing since Election Night 2016, a lot of us just don’t care about Mr. Trump’s personal life. We didn’t elect him to sainthood. We elected him to protect us from the leftid loons who are trashing our country.

Here are some actions which I consider deeply immoral and far more important to the nation than whether or not Mr. Trump had a fling with some porn star.

Undermining our immigration laws, debasing our citizenship, public officials flagrantly breaking those laws and encouraging others to do so, and all for no reason but political gain.

Redefining marriage.

Declaring “transgender” a good thing, and encouraging it–especially among children.

Funding abortion with public money.

Encouraging leftid thugs to intimidate and silence conservative speakers, destroy public and private property, and create a climate of fear.

Using the schools and colleges to indoctrinate very poorly equipped young people into modern Stalinism.

Telling “Climate Change” scare stories to stampede the public into making government bigger and more powerful, with “scientists” actually declaring it’s okay to lie about it, if that’s the way you get the people to do what you want. And threatening dissenters with the brute force of government.

Trying to erase the Second Amendment, so that criminals, psychos, and terrorists will be armed, but their victims won’t be.

Trying to erase the First Amendment, while they’re at it.

I could go on, but I think you get the point. Everything the Left does, and wants to do, is toweringly immoral and must be totally defeated. If anyone is responsible for turning our culture into a moral cesspool, it’s them. And they’ve done it on purpose, because their core beliefs are both depraved and asinine.

If we had a saint for president, they’d hate him even more than Trump.

So You Told the Cops About This Nut and Nothing Happened

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A few days ago, a woman in Winchester, Massachusetts, not far from Boston, went to her local public library. And a nut jumped out and stabbed her to death with a hunting knife. He also stabbed a 77-year-old man who tried to help her. She died. The Good Samaritan is in the hospital.

And it turns out the nut’s neighbors were afraid of him, reported him to the police numerous times… and nothing happened (https://www.nbcconnecticut.com/news/local/Winchester-Massachusetts-Stabbing-Winchester-Public-Library-475047473.html).

Uh, why do we need our right to bear arms?

You’re menaced by the bad guy, and either the police simply can’t get there in time to save you, or they just ignore the situation until someone gets killed. Maybe they’re busy investigating some really important hate speech incident. Too bad someone on the scene didn’t have a hand gun. But you can’t have a hand gun for self-defense in Massachusetts.

Yes, the neighbors knew this guy was trouble. He kept trying to break into other people’s homes. He kept damaging other people’s property. All we get from “the authorities” is that he was “known to the police.” Hot dog.

Now a young woman is dead and an old man is in the hospital because he tried to save her. The man is a hero, but the woman is dead–because no one there had the means to stop the killer before he could finish off his victim.

But apparently that’s OK with liberals.

Two Thoughts on the Latest School Shooting

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As terrible as they are, America’s school shootings pale to invisibility, compared to the violence done to people by their own governments throughout the 20th century (see above). Stalin, Mao, and Hitler were able to perpetrate these crimes because their people lacked the means of self-defense. In light of history, it’s never a good time to repeal the Second Amendment.

When my father was in school, and when I was in school, there were no incidents like this. If you had spoken to someone in 1959 about a “school shooting,” he would have said, “Huh?” He would not have known what you were talking about.

I heard an awful lot yesterday about this latest school shooting in Florida; but none of the commentators or noozies that I heard, no, not one, mentioned that such things inevitably happen when you destroy the moral foundation of society and debauch the nation’s character. Ordinary people do seem to understand that perfectly well, but they don’t have forums in the media.

Going back at least into the 1960s, The Smartest People in America have worked tirelessly to destroy Christian morality in America–and replace it with what? When you delete God from the equation, it doesn’t make sense anymore: you have cut off the source of morality. If I were to try to list all the absurd and dangerous things that have been done along those lines, I’d be here all day. But even that wouldn’t convince leftids and God-haters that their policies have been a cultural disaster.

Nevertheless, that’s what they are. Goya said the sleep of Reason breeds monsters. And surely the sleep of Faith and Decency breeds violence.

It would be good if we could re-awaken faith and decency. But I don’t think the Democrats will let us.

School Calls Cops and Shrinks to Bust Teen for Opposing Gun Control


When they’re not trying to erase Christianity, America’s public schools are trying to erase every vestige of independent thought. In fact, they’d kind of like to wipe out mainstream thought.

Manville, New Jersey–A high school student was hauled in by police (who later “cleared” him of any violation of law), subjected to a psychological evaluation, suspended from school, and asked to submit to an additional psychological evaluation–all because he created a short video (see above) in support of Americans’ Second Amendment rights and against strict gun control. ( http://www.breitbart.com/2nd-amendment/2016/09/28/student-school-called-police-ordered-psychiatric-eval-discovering-anti-gun-control-project/ )

The parents decided enough was enough and pulled their son out of his senior year. He can finish his schooling by getting a GED.

It seems most people would like them to sue the school for treating their sun as if he were a dangerous, mentally ill criminal–because he expressed a mainstream opinion shared by tens of millions of law-abiding Americans. I think I’d like to see them do that, too.

Again: Parents who love and care for their sons and daughters do not send them to public school. There is simply no excuse for it.

Rove: Repeal 2nd Amendment

From out of the rotting underbelly of the Republican Party crawls Bush strategist Karl Rove, a “conservative” who conserves nothing, to suggest on TV recently that the only way to stop gun violence in America is to repeat the Second Amendment of the Bill of Rights ( http://dailycaller.com/2015/06/21/karl-rove-only-way-to-stop-the-violence-is-to-repeal-2nd-amendment/ ).

But, he added wistfully, “That’s not going to happen.”

Rove joins the usual gang of libs ‘n’ progs who think disarming the American people is going to make them safer, and that criminals, confronted with a total gun ban, will just snarl “Curses, foiled again!” and just forget to obtain guns illegally.

Be careful–it’s not just the Second Amendment that our beloved rulers want to take out. Obviously the First Amendment is on their hit list, big-time. And all the others, by and by.

You see, they view the Bill of Rights as something that gets in their way every time they want to do anything really sweet for the American people, like Saving the Planet or Creating a Utopia.

Dude! That’s precisely what it’s for–to get in your way!

But if we don’t defend those rights–well, they don’t intend to let us keep them. No way they’re gonna let us keep them.

3 Mass Shootings Gun Laws Didn’t Stop

Has anybody noticed the total abject failure of gun control laws, especially in the past few news cycles? Three examples spring to mind.

*The high-profile “Planned Parenthood shooting” in Colorado

*The mass shooting at San Bernardino, California, at a facility for disabled adults

*In New Orleans, a shooting at a playground left 17 children wounded. That no one was killed outright was not the shooter’s fault.

So who did these shootings?

Colorado: A kook who lived alone in a shack in the woods, and once identified himself as a woman. He looks kind of like the Unabomber, if you remember him.

California: A Muslim and his Muslim wife, and a third shooter who has not yet been identified.

New Orleans: Gangs, of course. The first suspect arrested and charged is a 32-year-old career criminal whose rap sheet includes any number of violent crimes. ( http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/2015/11/29/new-orleans-park-shooting-suspect-held/76547580/ ) I have linked to a USA Today article because for some reason which I’m sure you can’t possibly imagine, most of the nooze media haven’t been talking about this one.

What do we learn from these shootings?

Lunatics do not obey gun control laws.

Muslims who wish to kill the infidel do not obey gun laws.

Career criminals do not obey gun laws. In fact, they don’t obey laws, period.

History lesson: The purpose of the Second Amendment to the Bill of Rights, the right to bear arms, is to protect the American people from their government, should it ever have tyrannical designs.

Oh, well, we know that will never happen, don’t we?

Gun laws only disarm the peaceable and law-abiding. The killers among us ignore them.

Right, Chicago?


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