Prayer Request: Phillip Turner

In case you haven’t seen it in the Comments section, our friend “thewhiterabbit” has asked for our prayers for his brother in Christ, Phillip Turner, who is to have a leg amputated tomorrow. I remember when that had to be done for my grandfather, when I was a boy. My father cried.

O Lord our God, shed your grace upon your servant, Phillip Turner, and uphold him in this trial–and for long afterward, too. Comfort our friend David, who grieves for his friend. This is a hard world, Father, and there are times when we need you to carry us a ways. This is one of them. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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  1. Thanks, Lee and fellow commentators! Phillip has had diabetes for many years. Diabetes is not a disease to take likely. Another Christian friend of mine lost sight in one eye, and then years later died from diabetes.

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