Very Unusual Kittens!

Someday the lion will lie down with the lamb. In the meantime, this cat lies down with three ducklings. Not only that: it’s a momma cat, with kittens, and she suckles the ducklings! And we may safely ignore the narrator’s “scientific” explanation of it.

These kittens and ducklings are going to grow up to be very unusual cats and ducks.

8 comments on “Very Unusual Kittens!

  1. Spectacular and heartwarming! God seems to have many exceptional surprises yet to reveal. Maybe things will be like they were before the flood – no creatures ate meat, not even today’s meat-eaters. The earth was filled with vegetarians 🙂

    1. One day about 20 years ago, my family and I were out to dinner. My grandson, who was about 10 at the time, and I were discussing the menu when it occurred to me that none of the meat or poultry dishes sounded good to me. That was the day I decided fish would work nicely from then on. I do eat cheese and eggs and in the past 5 years even a piece of chicken now and then. I’m not against it for the usual reasons and it doesn’t matter to me if people prefer to eat meat. I don’t preach about it one way or the other. I just reached a point in life where it didn’t appeal to me any longer. Veggie burgers are yummy too 🙂

  2. I’m looking forward to the restitution, when we can see how all of this is resolved. I have to admit to being an enthusiastic meat eater, but I don’t believe that was God’s original intention either. As the years wear on, I find myself eating ever more vegetables and at times I really crave them.

    Now the nursing ducklings; lets just say I’m amazed.

    1. I have to have plenty of meat and seafood, or I fall into a depression. Vegetables I eat because I’m supposed to eat them, but only corn on the cob really pleases me.

      This discussion brings back a horrible memory of a vegetarian wedding reception I went to–with nothing to drink but some guy’s home-made wine. And I had to drive all the way out of Ohio for that event. I wake up screaming, 50 years later…

  3. Thanks for this amazing video, Lee! It is inexplicable – the timing of the event was supernatural. What a heartwarming video.

    They just opened a Freddy’s Steakburger & Frozen Frozen Custard fast-food stand in our town. We tried them out and have been back a second time already – they are very tasty!! I wonder when the lines will get smaller so it doesn’t take so long to get your order. Funny how a new eating place does great business right at first – everyone wants to get in on the action.

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