‘PROMISE Act’ Shields Criminals

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As hard as I try, I can’t keep track of all the mischief done to my country by liberals in government. Here’s one I hadn’t heard of until today: President *Batteries Not Included’s 2014 PROMISE Act–which massaged crime statistics by rewarding local police departments and school districts for not reporting certain crimes: mostly misdemeanors, but also some lesser felonies (https://www.rushlimbaugh.com/daily/2018/02/27/promise-program-exposed-by-this-show/).

Well, that’ll make the crime rate go down–simply not arresting or charging offenders.

It also makes a joke of background checks on persons, especially young people, seeking to buy firearms. The vendor checks the background of a chronic offender and, behold–there’s nothing there.

So, if you want to get federal grants, via the unspeakably corrupt Dept. of Justice, for your local police department or school district, you just turn the other way and don’t write it down, don’t take any action, when certain crimes are committed by certain people. It’s supposed to be for “racial justice” or something.

It reminds me of a friend I had in high school. On the dashboard of his aging car, the oil light kept flashing. So he taped a piece of paper over it. Problem solved! Until, of course, the car went belly-up and died.

Could we, like, repeal the PROMISE Act? And please never, ever again allow Democrats to run the country? I mean, just because they really and truly don’t care who gets hurt, who gets killed, by them putting their crazy ideology to work…

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    1. Move out, ye serfs and peasants! For on this site the king shall have his royal library!
      Serves ’em right for voting for the bum.

  1. I get so sick of hearing of stuff like this. I once served jury duty on a case where a man shot and killed another man over a necklace. The “alleged” was caught with necklace and gun in hand. As he was handcuffe, he screamed all the while that he didn’t do it. He pled to a lesser degree. The court officer taking us down the elevator after the case was over said it was a joke because that creep will appeal over and over until he’s free. As she said these things, I couldn’t help but see the murdered man’s mother and his sisters sitting there during the proceedings. The son and brother wasn’t coming back to them so where’s the justice and the payment for the crime?

  2. I served on a jury where a white cop had killed a 12 year old black kid who pulled a gun on him in a dark alley around midnight. The cop and his partner were parked there because across the street was a convenience store that kept getting robbed. It turned out the boy’s gun was a toy. My fellow jurors wanted to find the cop guilty based on their emotions. I convinced them to find the cop non guilty, which he was. What was a 12 year old boy doing out at midnight in the first place??

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