Next Step to Utopia: Compulsory Exercise

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From our It-Only-Hurts-When-I-Laugh Dept.:

Wait’ll the World Happiness Council gets a hold of this!

A Swedish company has made weekly visits to the gym mandatory for all of its employees. Every Friday, it’s yoga or bust. No getting out of it. As the company president says, “If you don’t want to exercise or be a part of the company culture, you have to go.” (

Walter Williams predicted this would happen. I’m sure he hoped he was wrong.

Exercise is good for you, right? Like, who could possibly disagree with that? So mandatory exercise, whether you feel like it or not–well, that must be even better for you!

And dig that company culture that everybody has to be a part of, or else. Now that’s diversity! None of that just going home when your work is done for the day.

My wife was once pettily penalized by her employer for not going on the company’s trip to the race track. She doesn’t care for horse racing: in fact, on that particular occasion, a horse broke its leg and had to be shot right there in front of everybody. But you’ve got to be part of the company culture.

Our masters the Morlocks control our lives for our own good!

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