Now It ‘Is’ Time Four The trueth!!

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Ha ha that big dop lee he “is” aweay Fromb his stopid Blog and nhow i Can tell “the” Trueth Abote him!! and The trueth “it Is” that he Is “funted” by The Rushins!!!! And so is al them Ohther “condserfatives” Thay is al taken Rushin Munny jist “Like” Hillery she sayed!

My prefesser hear At Collidge he done reesurch and he fowned out “that” evry Repulbican and aslo evry Consterfative and aslo evry christin “Thay” are al evry One of themb thay “are al” highered By “the” Rushins and aslo The Rushins thay tel lee waht he to rite “In” his Bloge he only writs waht the rushins say himb to!!

So nhow yiu Know “the” trueth!! Focks Niws it is aslo funted by the Rushins. In fact Ammerickans thay “are” Not reel Ammerickans thay do NOT evin beelong hear!!! it “is” up to Us Interllecturals hear “At ” Collidge to get al theese hear rihghtwing Biggits and hat speach speeckers, thay Trying to Take Over the “contry” for Rusha, whe has got to rowned Them Up and ridded of themb!!

Aslo somboddy thay toled me “the” Rushins thay Kiddnapped poor Vladavlad Pootin or watevver his name Is “it” is hard to spel!

6 comments on “Now It ‘Is’ Time Four The trueth!!

  1. Well now, Joe, that explains everything! You should join in. You’re missing all the fun and I hear they have some really nice hats in Russia which would make a nice snack for you 🙂

  2. Joe Collidge is always so entertaining and illuminating.

    What really amuses me is that I remember a time when the leftids saw Russia as a shining light. In fact, it wasn’t so long ago that Obama was telling Romney that thinking of Russia as an enemy was sooooo 1980s and outdated.

    1. Idon’t think Joe understands that the photo is one of pro wrestler Ivan Koloff, a Canadian who pretended to be a Russian. But there are a number of things he doesn’t understand.

  3. I wonder how Joe would react if he knew that Russia has half the population of the United States and it’s economy is less than that of California’s. Do you think he even knows about nuclear weapons.

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